Following the success of the Humanoids 2023 competition, the Humanoids 2024 Robotics Competition will consist of walking and loco-manipulation challenges. Humanoids and quadrupeds are accepted.

In parallel, we will host the euROBIN coopetition, which will continue after the conference on 25-28 November. euROBIN is a European project, Network of Excellence in Robotics and AI, which boosts the collaboration of European robotics & AI teams through robotics collaborative competitions (coopetitions), where teams collaborate to solve challenges.

Both competitions will take place inside the Halls 1&2, next to the Exhibition area. It will be a unique opportunity for researchers and public to see so many different robots all at the same time!!

Competition Area at Humanoids (draft, 08/02/2024)


2024 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots