What to do in Nancy?

Once upon a time the capital of an independent duchy, Nancy remains today a cultural pearl which reflects finely the encounter of many European influences.

Coming to Nancy, allows you to discover not only the wonders of the seven Arts and architecture which date back from the Age of Enlightenment but also discover local traditions that are known worldwide.

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Here are a few things that you should see during your stay.

Place Stanislas

The Place Stanislas used to be the royal residence of King Stanislas Lesczynski who later became Duke of Lorraine. This square which has been the scene of century of history is now considered one of the best monuments in France and is registered in the word heritage list since 1983. For from falling in oblivion, institutions such as the Opera, the Musée des Beaux Arts and the Hotel de la Reine occupy the buildings surrounding the square. As it is the centre of the Nancy’s dynamic life, many restaurants and bars can be found in the neighbouring streets.

Museums – Nancy is the home of many museums.

Musée des Beaux Arts

Entering through the Place Stanislas, discover four floors of artwork. Walking by centuries-old pieces and modern work, enjoy the various collections gathering paintings, sculptures, drawings, and glasswork.

Musée-Aquarium de Nancy

Less than five minutes away from Place Stanislas, the Musée-Aquarium de Nancy allows you to discover the marine flora and fauna. This museum is also home to various collections whether they are temporary or permanent.

Palais des Ducs de Lorraines and Musée Lorrain

The Palais des Ducs de Lorraines and Musée Lorrain are two institutions, both situated in the Grand Rue, which enable you to discover the dukes that ruled over Lorraine centuries ago.

Musée de l’École de Nancy and the Villa Majorelle

Nancy is one of the two cradles of Art Nouveau in France. Born in the late 1890s, this style of art abolished the barrier between fine arts and applied arts to create a new form of decorative art that influenced the way the city is now shaped. This influence is most striking in the Musée de l’École de Nancy and the Villa Majorelle, two museums that are only dedicated to this form of art. They are both located about a 30-minute walk from Place Stanislas.

Nancy itself

Nancy may be the home of various museums, but the streets of Nancy are the canvas of many artists. By walking around, you might be about to see some impressive street art such as «Giulia».


Opera National de Lorraine

The Opera is situated in Place Stanislas. This institution gives you the opportunity to attend various shows from Opera to concertos in its beautiful 18th century like venue.

Salle Poirel

Close to the Centre Prouvé, the Salle Poirel also allows you to attend shows whether they are regarding classical music, dance, or entertainment.

Autre Canal

L’Autre Canal is situated in the suburbs of Nancy and is well known for focusing on welcoming local, national, and international artists in its small venue which gives a personal atmosphere.

Zénith de Nancy

This venue usually welcomes large-scale performances and is internationally known for its revolving stage which can used for both its outdoor and indoor venues.

Parks, Gardens, and Thermal baths


This park situated next to the place Stanislas, which was created during the XIX Century is now one major landscape in Nancy. With its 21 hectares gathering a mini zoo, sports and games area, restaurants, and a rose garden, the Pepinière is a must-see.

Botanical Garden

There is a small botanical garden in the city center in Parc Godron, behind the Aquarium. However, the big botanical gardens are now in the Jardin Botanique Jean-Marie Pelt, 20 mins by bus from the city center, next to the Inria building.

Parc Sainte Marie

This park might be 20 minutes away from Place Stanislas, but it is surrounded by many museums and by the newly opened thermal baths.

Thermal Baths

You can relax at the Nancy Thermal baths, and notably the historical Round Pool (Piscine Ronde).

Saint Nicolas

Celebrating Saint Nicolas is one of the most important customs in the Lorraine region. Saint Nicolas who died in the 11th Century, is said to accomplish miracles, and come in help to anyone asking, especially children. As parts of his remains lies in Saint-Nicolas-de-Port, a city in the suburbs of Nancy, Nancy became the city. Far from the religious ceremony taking place in Saint-Nicolas-de-Port, Nancy creates each year a unique joyful atmosphere thanks to the parades and various shows put on in the streets for weeks. This year, the event will start on November 22nd and will end on January 5th.



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