Greetings 2024 Humanoids participants!

The conference will be held at the Conference Center Prouvé, in Nancy, France. The address is: Place de la République, 54000, Nancy.

The Humanoids registration desk will be located at the entrance of the Conference Center (street level). You may pick up your badge beginning Friday, November 22 at 8:00am.

The 3-day event will include plenary talks, technical lectures, posters, panel discussions, robotics competitions and exhibitions. The program was developed to highlight the rapid advancements in humanoid technologies and the introduction of groundbreaking platforms.

Humanoids workshops will take place on Friday, November 22. Those interested in accessing the workshops must register accordingly (there is an additional fee). Coffee, refreshments, and lunch will be provided.

After the success of the 2023 Humanoid and Quadruped Locomotion Competition, we will organize a 2024 Robotics competition with several walking and loco-manipulation challenges. In parallel to the Humanoids 2024 competition, we will have the first days of the “euROBIN robotics coopetition”, a robotics competition that involves several European teams.

This year’s social and networking activities include: a Welcome Reception, Banquet, Farewell Party. Daily Lunch as well as Morning and Afternoon coffee refreshments are included.

The Humanoids 2024 Exhibition and Competition will be accessible for visit by the grand public (through registration). We will also organize robotics activities for children.

To make the conference more sustainable, we are engaging in several initiatives. Single-use plastic is highly discouraged since there are water fountains to refill bottles. Single-use coffee cups are also discouraged. We will provide coffee mugs and water bottles for participants, to be re-used through the event. Lunch boxes are made of recycled plant-based material. One lunch meal will be vegan for all participants (and it will be very tasty while minimizing CO2). We are encouraging travel by train, especially for European teams.

We encourage you to monitor your health leading up to your departure and throughout the event itself. If you do not feel well or experience symptoms that may jeopardize your well-being or others, please seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Masks are optional throughout the event.

With great appreciation, we acknowledge IEEE’s Robotics & Automation Society which sponsors this event. Additionally, we are thankful for the generous financial support that we have received from this year’s corporate sponsors:


We look forward to seeing you in Nancy!

2024 IEEE Humanoids Organizers

2024 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots