Following the success of the euROBIN Week 2023 in Seville, we are glad to announce that euROBIN has decided to co-locate the euROBIN Week 2024 in Nancy to associate it with HUMANOIDS 2024! The conference participants will have the chance to visit the euROBIN exhibition and see how the European teams are preparing for their coopetition (collaborative competition), which will take place on November 25-28 in Centre Prouvé, just after the HUMANOIDS 2024 conference.

The robots of the euROBIN Week 2023 will be present during Humanoids 2024

The participants of the euROBIN Week 2023 will also be at HUMANOIDS 2024The same robots (and more!) will be in Nancy during Humanoids, in the Exhibition Hall 1&s next to the Humanoids competition and the Industrial Exhibition. This event will be partially funded by the European Commission.



2024 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots